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Irrespective of the circumstance, safeguarding your investments or recouping any depreciation is paramount.

Understanding your vehicle's market value can serve a multitude of purposes.

We can assist you through a professional appraisal to achieve just that.

Why Should You Have An Appraisal

Protect Your Investment

Why Should You Get an Appraisal? There are numerous factors that make having an appraisal essential, but the paramount reason is to safeguard your investment. Given the constantly growing requirement for a current assessment, mandated by insurance firms and financial establishments, the infrequency of appraisals is now a thing of the past

Typically, insurance companies will only provide compensation based on the black/blue book value of your vehicle unless you have established an agreed-upon appraised value.

Ready To Sell

Appraisals prove immensely beneficial when selling a vehicle, particularly for establishing a precise and substantiated market value. This valuation aids in negotiating the optimal sale price effectively. Furthermore, it enhances the vehicle's credibility and furnishes the essential documentation that discerning buyers often seek.

Post Acciedent Appraisal

Discontent with the compensation provided by your insurance provider for your incurred loss? It's possible that a disparity exists between the amount your insurance company is prepared to offer and the equitable market value of your vehicle! You have the right to an impartial resolution.

Estate / Backruptcy / Divorce

If you are trying to settle an estate, we provide impartial vehicle valuations to help all heirs determine how to divide the assets properly. In the case of bankruptcies, courts go strictly by the book and may overvalue your vehicle if it is damaged or not running. The correct adjusted value can only be presented to the court with a formal appraisal, which we can prepare for you. Sadly, divorces happen and your vehicles may be included in the calculation of the marital assets to be divided.

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles - Canada has set a requirement for 60% of all new vehicle sales to be electric by 2030, progressing to 100% by 2035. This shift has ignited the aftermarket industry's innovation, leading to the emergence of performance and customized components for EVs.

Our Appraisals

  • Fair Market Value
  • Replacement Value
  • VIN Decoding
  • Written Detailed Report
    (not just a checkbox)
  • Vehicle Photos
  • Insurance Accepted Value
  • S.V.A.I Certified and Recognized
  • Separate Report for your Insurance Company
  • Comprables on the Market
  • Printed and Electronic Copy

Important information regarding appraisals for insurance

Not all insurance companies will acknowledge or accept the appraised value.

Merely obtaining an appraisal is insufficient; your insurance company must possess a copy of the appraisal and concur with the specified replacement value detailed within it.

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